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Stereophotogrammetry is finding increased use in clinical breast surgery, both for breast reconstruction after oncological procedures and cosmetic augmentation and reduction. The ability to visualize and quantify morphological features of the breast facilitates pre-operative planning and post-operative outcome assessment. The contour outlining the lower half of the breast is important for the quantitative assessment of breast aesthetics. Based on this inferior breast contour, relevant morphological measures, such as breast symmetry, volume, and ptosis, can be determined. In this paper, we present an approach for automatically detecting the inferior contour of the breast in 3D images. Our approach employs surface curvature analysis and is able to detect the breast contour with high accuracy, achieving an average error of 1.64 mm and a dice coefficient in the range of 0.72-0.87 when compared with the manually annotated contour (ground truth). In addition, the detected contour is used to facilitate the detection of the lowest visible point on the breast, which is an important landmark for breast morphometric analysis.