Our Vision

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1. To build an infrastructure that develops and leverages UH intellectual capacity to advance innovative research in health equity science that addresses the health needs of underserved communities in Houston and beyond.

2. To develop a novel model for rapidly translating basic biomedical science into culturally-informed and empirically based prevention, early detection, diagnosis, and intervention strategies for populations most vulnerable to health challenges.

3. To become the international model for reducing - and ultimately eliminating - health disparities through strong and equitable partnerships with community-based organizations, faith-based organizations, healthcare agencies, stakeholders, and community members.

Our Mission

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The HEALTH Research Institute leverages an interdisciplinary group of researchers at the University of Houston to advance science capable of meeting the health needs of the Houston community and beyond. Our primary mission is to conduct cutting-edge research that informs novel prevention, early detection, diagnosis, and intervention strategies that mitigate a broad range of health challenges. Our partnerships with a diverse array of stakeholders inform a growing public health challenge through multi-site cooperative trials, public health initiatives, and empowering dissemination and implementation activities that are embedded in the cultural fabric of the communities we serve.

About HRI

Founded in 2016, The HEALTH Research Institute (Helping Everyone Achieve a LifeTime of Health) was established as an interdisciplinary, University-wide research institute within the Chancellor's Healthy Community Initiative at the University of Houston.

Our Values

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We are actively engaged in innovative and rigorous scientific inquiry that will generate new knowledge that exerts a sustainable impact on mitigating – and ultimately eliminating – health disparities.

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Our collective impact is dependent on our capacity to partner with stakeholders to derive a shared vision that ultimately empowers community-embedded change agents who are equipped to improve their quality and length of life.

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We are dedicated to working with our community to discover and promote sustainable solutions to real-world health challenges.



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