Membership will be based on a competitive application process. Applications for Fellows and Mentees will be accepted on an annual basis and will be due November 1st of each year. All notifications will be made by December 15th. Applications for affiliates are accepted year round. The Executive Board will review all applications and vote on membership at all levels. The evaluation of new membership applications will be based on the applicants’ fit with the goals and objectives of the HEALTH Research Institute, research interests, scholarship to date, and future potential as a scholar. Given the limited availability of resources, the number of new Mentees accepted in a given year may be contingent on the Institutes’ capacity to provide the necessary services for these applicants. The next deadline is November 1, 2019.

Photo of fellows member


Fellows of the HEALTH Research Institute consist of faculty who secured an NIH R01 research grant or equivalent as the Primary Investigator (PD/PI or MPI).

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Mentees of the HEALTH Research Institute consist of faculty who are New Investigators seeking a supervised career development experience leading to research independence.

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Affiliates of the HEALTH Research Institute consist of faculty interested in being included in the Institute’s programming and activities.


Application components

  1. Research Interests (2-3 sentences)
  2. Short-Term Research Goals (300 words)
  3. Long-Term Research Goals (300 words)
  4. Fit with the HEALTH Research Institute (1 pg max)
  5. Mentee: Career Development Plan (300 words)
  6. NIH Biosketch

Affliate Application Only (Requires Cougarnet Authentication)

HRI Resources


  • Statistical Consultation
  • Power Analysis
  • Data Analytic Plans
  • Data Management
  • Advanced Statistical Analysis

Program Manager

  • Budget Development
  • Budget Forecasting
  • Purchasing
  • Hiring
  • Contracts/Agreements

Community Outreach

  • Cultivate Community
  • Partnerships & Engagement
  • Recruitment & Retention
  • Social Media
  • Dissemination of Project

Program Director

  • Lead Research Projects
  • IRB Submission
  • Progress Monitoring
  • Grant Reporting
  • Compliance

Sr. Graphics Designer

  • Manage Publications
  • Translate Marketing Objectives Into Creative Strategies
  • Create Design Concepts
  • Develop Artwork for Dissemination
  • Materials

Research Scientist

  • Data Collection
  • Grant Development
  • Prepare Research Papers
  • Facilitate Project Conduct
  • Conduct Qualitative Methods and Analysis