The HEALTH Research Institute consists of faculty affiliated with the Department of Psychological, Health and Learning Sciences; the Graduate College of Social Work; the Department of Psychology; the Department of Health and Human Performance; and the Department of Biomedical Engineering. However, membership will be open to all academic units at the University of Houston based on alignment with the Institute’s goal and objectives. The HEALTH Research Institute is the only institute at UH where the research – and ultimate elimination – of health disparities is a central part of its mission. The organizational structure of the HEALTH Research Institute consists of a Director, Co-Director, Executive Board, Advisory Board, Fellows, and Mentees. The Institute reports directly to the Vice President of Research and Technology Transfer.

Benefits of Membership:

Fellows of the HEALTH Research Institute will directly benefit from: (1) intellectual capital generated from formulating cutting-edge research, prevention, and intervention programs with Fellows from a wide range of disciplines; (2) pilot funding program; (3) grant support; (4) health disparities programming; and (4) direct access to community stakeholders that will generate partnerships aimed at addressing public health programs currently impacting our local communities.

Mentees of the HEALTH Research Institute will directly benefit from: (1) receiving hands-on mentorship from an assigned Fellow to facilitate the acquisition of external funding; (2) monthly meetings with other Mentees and a presenter to address issues related to grantsmanship, barriers to success, and other topics of interest; (3) resources to have an external professional review grant applications prior to submission; (4) direct consultation on grant reviews received from funding agencies; and (5) pilot funding program.

If you are interested in joining the HEALTH Research Institute, please visit our Membership page.