Read about our new affiliates and their innovative research.

Dr. Stacey Gorniak, Associate Professor and Director of the Center for Neuromotor and Biomechanics Research in the Department of Health & Human Performance. Dr. Gorniak’s research interests are directed towards understanding healthy and pathological neuromuscular control. Specifically, Dr. Gorniak is interested in evaluating behavioral changes in non-traditionally defined movement disorders (e.g., Type II Diabetes and obesity) as well as identifying the mechanisms underlying such change. The HRI is excited to collaborate with Dr. Gorniak and looks forward to the outcomes of her research in the neuroimaging of sensorimotor and cognitive dysfunction in persons suffering from chronic diseases.


Dr. Kamran Alba,  Assistant Professor in the Department of Engineering Technology. Dr. Alba’s areas of expertise include experimental, computational, and analytical fluid dynamics and flows. His research interest lies in studying the mechanical properties of soft matter, which has numerous applications in biology and the medical field. The HRI is excited to collaborate with Dr. Alba and looks forward to the outcomes of his research in basic biomedical science.

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