Mark your calendars for the inaugural HEALTH Research Institute (HRI) conference! Hosted by the HRI at the University of Houston, January 30-31, 2020. Start your year off networking with researchers, community leaders, residents, and stakeholders engaging in exciting health equity topics and activities.

HEALTH: A Call to Action

January 30-31, 2020

Presented by Helping Everyone Achieve a Lifetime of Health Research Institute

This spring semester, the HEALTH Research Institute will host our inaugural conference so mark your calendars! The conference will focus on:

  • Disseminating best practices for preventing and treating chronic diseases in diverse communities
  • Fostering innovative solutions to current health challenges
  • Building sustainable partnerships and resources to coordinate activities aimed at achieving health equity

“As a growing Institute on campus we’re excited to host our inaugural conference that will collectively engage scientists, health professionals, community-based organizations, policy makers, community members, and more. We look forward to collaborating and continuing to make collective impact on the health and quality of life in Houston and beyond!”

-Drs. Ezemenari Obasi and Lorraine Reitzel

Registration will open soon!

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