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Marcel de Dios

Marcel de Dios Photo
Associate Professor
Department of Psychological, Health, & Learning Sciences 

Dr. Marcel de Dios research aims to provide understanding and development of substance use interventions for populations that experience health disparities. His research focuses on the treatment of tobacco and marijuana use in a variety of subpopulations including illicit substance users, HIV+ populations, low-income, and Latino populations, as well as emerging adults. One of his primary areas of research is Latino substance use, in particular, identification of cultural and social factors that influence smoking cessation treatment outcomes and integrating findings for the development of more effective cessation interventions.


HRI Affiliate, Dr. Marcel de Dios, has recently completed a study that examined data from Harris County's Marijuana Misdemeanor Diversion Program (MMPD). The study titled "Racial and gender inequities in the implementation of a cannabis criminal justice diversion program in a large and diverse metropolitan county of the USA" found racial biases in the County's MMDP program, among other things. African Americans are disproportionately represented in the program, complete the program at a significantly lower rate, and take an extended amount of time relative to their White and Asian peers when completing the program. Findings may serve to inform the continued reform of the criminal justice system, particularly laws relating to cannabis.
December 17, 2020
This quarter HRI submitted grant submissions on a variety of topics such as addiction training, smoking interventions, and improving cataract surgery through a hydrogel.
August 5, 2019