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Samina Salim

Photo of Samina Salim
Associate Professor
College of Pharmacy

Dr. Salim's life-long goal is to study, contribute, and advance an approach that situates the topic of health within a neuro-socioecological context, thus incorporating methodologies and conceptual apparatus from various disciplines to target health from vantage points of basic neuroscience, ethnic and racial contexts of communities and society. Salim has extensive experience in basic neuroscience work focused on neurobehavioral studies, but her core interests are anchored in the real-life domains of health, social, and human phenomena that could be empirically studied and understood to improve mental health and general well-being. Salim has initiated large scale population-based self-report data collection work in refugee populations in the greater Houston area and works extensively on biological, methodological, theoretical, and empirical anchoring of the constructs of social participation, social support, post-migratory living conditions, and trauma susceptibility and resiliency among refugees. Salim's research is presently focused on basic neuroscience and the design of longitudinal studies of refugee health delineating the process of post-resettlement change in health in relation to social contexts.