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Pranav J Parikh

Parikh Headshot
Associate Professor
College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
3875 Holman St. Susanna Garrison Hall RM 104

Pranav J Parikh, Ph.D., is a dedicated researcher with a profound focus on unraveling the complexities of sensorimotor mechanisms underlying motor control and learning. His academic journey, which began with a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery from M. S. University of Baroda, India, has been characterized by an unwavering commitment to understanding human physiology and neuroscience.

With a Ph.D. in Integrative Physiology from the University of Iowa, Pranav has delved deep into the intricacies of human motor control and neuroscience. His postdoctoral training at Arizona State University further honed his expertise in neuroscience, enriching his understanding of sensorimotor function.

Pranav's research spans across various populations, from healthy young individuals to older adults and patients with neurological diseases and injuries. Using the human hand as a model, his work employs a diverse array of methodologies, including motion tracking, electromyography, and non-invasive brain stimulation techniques like transcranial magnetic stimulation and transcranial direct current stimulation.

His recent publications, including articles in prestigious journals like Cerebral Cortex and Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, attest to his contributions in advancing our understanding of sensorimotor control and learning. Pranav's relentless pursuit of knowledge and innovative research methodologies position him as a frontrunner in the field of motor neuroscience.

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