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Olivia E. Atherton

Olivia E. Atherton Photo
Assistant Professor
Department of Psychology

Dr. Olivia E. Atherton research lies at the intersection of social-personality, health, and developmental psychology. The central focus of her work work is on how, when, and why socio-structural contexts and personality tendencies impact mental and physical health across the lifespan. To answer these questions, Atherton typically uses large longitudinal studies with data spanning multiple developmental periods and generations (i.e., family studies), in combination with diverse samples and multi-method measurement (e.g., self- and informant-reports, administrative records). Aherton also has expertise in statistical techniques including structural equation modeling, multilevel modeling, survival analysis, and coordinated data analysis.


While people might associate remote settings with peaceful landscapes and quiet lifestyles, rural residents experience more depression and anxiety than their urban counterparts, a new University of Houston study has found.
April 11, 2023