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Diana S-L. Chow

Chow headshot
College of Pharmacy
University of Houston College of Pharmacy Health 2, Room 7049

Substantial preclinical/clinical research, administrative, and mentoring experiences for 40 years in the University of Houston, College of Pharmacy (UHCOP). Research have been focused on translational drug development for anti-cancer therapy, and the endeavors have resulted in an FDA product, Busulfex®, and multiple patents of developed formulations, currently in preclinical and clinical development for treatments of lung, pancreatic, and prostate cancers. Expert in pharmaceutical formulation development, pre-IND development, IND-enabling preclinical and clinical PK/PD to enhance or optimize clinical therapies towards new treatments for cancer and infection. Recently, research work has been expanded to URM populations, pediatrics and neurologically injured/disordered patients.