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Andrew J. Gordon

Gordon Headshot
Research Associate Professor (retired)
College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

Professor Gordon has recently completed field work in Belize, where he has had an ethnographic field school for UH graduate and undergraduate students. In addition to his recently published book and articles related to this research, and drawing on this field experience, he is currently working on Rastafarians in Belize in the effort to examine new social movements in the context of globalization. Gordon is also invested in bringing together varied theoretical strands of his work — on schema theory, on neuroplasticity, and on addictions —in an effort to deepen our understanding of diabetes and its cultural and biological expressions. His work on diabetes draws on both his longstanding research on addictions and on his more recent fieldwork with the Houston Hispanic community. Professor Gordon also maintains his activity in applied anthropology concerned with the asylum issues of Fulani and in increasing voter participation in the democratic process.